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Bog, udkommet 2001

The Internationals on the Balkans - Lessons for Macedonia


Published by the Berlin Information-center for Transatlantic Security (BITS). December 2001. 24 pages. ISBN 3-933111-09-9

Download  The internationals on the Balkans - Lessons for Macedonia (pdf)

Conference report on an expert-workshop in december 2001 focused on lessons learned - or not learned - from ten years of involvement by the EU, UN and NATO in the Balkans. 40 people with extensive experience as participants during the interventions reconsidered with a "selv-critical view of the past" the accomplishments. One conclusion: The internationals have attempted crisis-management with some positive results, but have failed miserably in making a transition to conflict-resolution. Crisis-management is about putting out fires, while conflict resolution is about eliminating the reasons for fires.


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